A camera powered by imagination

Hong Kong Toy Stories's photo.

Today is the World’s Photography Day – when the world celebrates the beautiful art of photography.

I am inspired and emboldened by this occasion to introduce the first product on sale at my brand new toy shop Little Bean’s Toy Chest (a dream that I’ve conceived for a very long time, now in beta mode). It is a wooden toy camera beautifully handcrafted by a mom in New York, “powered by imagination instead of battery”. It’s called the Flash Zoom Mali (named after Mali the little daughter of this toy’s creator).

There are many things I adore about this camera: its elegant and retro design, its earthy color and material, its perfect size for the little hands, the fact that it is created by a stay-at-home mom (@Little Miss Workbench) who recreated herself doing what she loves… It’s the toy that epitomizes the spirit of the shop I want to build: simple, classic, eco-friendly, with a carefree, indie attitude.

My little journalist 🙂 

And what does Bean think about this gift? Suffice to say they two have been IN-SE-PA-R-A-BLE ever since I gave her the camera. She carries it around like a little journalist, its leather strap on her shoulder or her neck, “clicking” away her imaginary shots any time she could. She loves playing around with the magnetized “zoom” and the “flashlight”, and looking into the lens hole (which is big enough so young kids can actually look through without squinting their eyes – smart design!)

To my surprise, her seven-year-old cousin loved it too! (he asked me to give him one after seeing Bean with it). Together they formed a duet of models for my first ad photos below, and many others 🙂

Happy photography day and happy weekend everyone. May it be one of many unforgettable memories, photographed or not

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